Fun Friends and Food

Before I headed home for the Summer I was really lucky to have two lovely days in Belfast and more importantly two really lovely meals.

On the first day it was unfortunately chucking it down with rain so my flatmate and I headed out to get some lunch to cheer us up from the awful weather and stumbled across what is fastly becoming one of my favourite places, Made In Belfast.



Located in the Cathedral Quarter of Belfast it’s very much in the sort of quirky, vintage style with adorable mismatched furniture and locally drawn murals covering the walls. It’s menu is focused on local ingredients and is open from breakfast to dinner serving a combination of  well loved favourites like fish and chips and pancakes, to more inventive dishes like french toast with duck egg.


I ordered the scampi which came in large and small but seeing as large came with fries of course I chose large! My flatmate ordered the ginger beer battered chips and we also got two cocktails, mine was a delicious mixture of banana and chocolate liquer with white chocolate ganache and milk which tasted like the most delicious milkshake ever! My flatmate’s was made of goji berries, cloudy lemonade and vodka which would be awesome for a summer’s day. The food was amazing and mine was served with aioli which for those of us not in the know is garlic mayonnaise and also olive which I’ve never been keen on before but after that I’m completely converted!




I know this is weird but the toilets are equally cool as well and I don’t know about you guys but I really like it when a restaurant is fully committed to a style. It’s also relatively cheap with dinner mains starting from £10 and cocktails are half price from Monday-Thursday so workable for those on a budget.



The awesome toilets

The awesome toilets

The next day I met one of my best friends for a quick catch up before I headed home and we decided to head to Pizza Express as we hadn’t been for ages and it’s a great place for students on a budget as they always have some sort of offer on.


As I am attempting to be healthy (insert laughter here) I ordered the Leggera pizza which is supposed to be the “healthier” option which means they cut a hole out the middle of the pizza and insert salad. With visions of a 60/40 salad to pizza ratio I was pleased to see that the hole was actually pretty small so you still did get a lot of pizza even with the promise of staying under 500 calories.  Although I did slightly undermine this by ordering the cheesy garlic bread as well but come on when something looks as good at this you can’t help yourself.



My pizza was called the Padana which had goats cheese, caramelised onion and spinach and was actually really delicious which surprised me as i’m usually a complete carnivore when it comes to pizza. My friend had the Margherita with tuna which she said was a revelation and all in all in came to about £8 each which is extremely cheap considering we had starters as well!



After that we went to see The Fault In Our Stars which pretty much like the rest of the world at the minute is one of my favourite books I’ve read recently. For those of you that haven’t seen it I won’t spoil it but will just say that I think it’s one of the most genuine, intelligent and thought provoking teenage films to have been made in years and although it will break your heart into a million pieces it is totally worth  a watch.





and after

and after

That was pretty much it for my time in Belfast before I headed for home so I just thought I’d give you guys a little update on what i’ve been up too, while I’m at home I’m hoping to blog every other day to make the most of my time off. There’ll be a mix of recipes, fashion looks, makeup reviews as well as little pieces about what I’ve been up to so I hope you guys enjoy it and I’ll see you on Saturday!


Gemma xx


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