June Favourites


So it’s July already, when did that happen? It seems only yesterday it was Easter and now we’ve already got less that 6 months to go till Christmas it seems so crazy. I thought this was a great time to start my monthly favourites as it’s been in these past few months I’ve really started to become obsessed with beauty and skincare and so I thought I would share my Holy Grail products. In the future I’m going to include more general items but I thought the best place to start was with the basics!


Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask -£23.00

I had heard about this from pretty much every beauty blogger going and despite the slightly hefty price tag decided to give it a go and oh boy am I glad I did. It acts like a moisturiser mask which due to it’s concentrated formula I only apply twice a week, but it’s so good I find myself actually looking forward to applying it! I wake up the morning after and my skin looks so incredibly dewy and soft I am always amazed as to how I was managing without it! The best part as well is if you order it off the website at the moment you get a small sample of it and if you don’t like it you can return the full size one so all the more reason to try it.

Nars Blusher in Deep Throat -£22.50

This again was a big budget product that after much deliberation I decided to take the plunge and purchase. Although “Orgasm” is the most popular one I went for “Deep Throat” instead as it’s a slightly paler pink, although still has some warm tones running through it and I thought it was just much better suited to my skin tone. It’s another one that definitely is worth the price tag and it’s so highly pigmented I only need to use a tiny amount, and it strikes the perfect balance between long lasting colour and a feather light texture on the skin. The wide range of shades means it’s easy to find your perfect colour and I can promise it’s oh so worth it.

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray -£21.50

I remember being ridiculously young and hearing about this magical product that gave you Victoria’s Secret model volume with the coolness of a surfer girl. One of the highlights of growing up and getting a big girls wallet is being able to afford it and I am so glad for it. Although it’s targeted more for fine hair and that is something I definitely do not have, I found it works wonders for my mildly frizzy hair to tame the frizz while maintaining volume and creating some sexy curls. If you have dried hair you’d maybe want to watch as it does slightly tend to dry hair while it works its magic but I haven’t had any issue with it and it’s perfect for those like me who like stress free hair styling.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir -£32.00

As someone who flies a lot and works long hours I am always on the lookout that will give me a midday “refreshed” feeling and this is exactly where this comes in. Raved about by celebrities for years I thought I would see if it was worth the hype, although at the slightly more wallet friendly 50ml £11.00 version. It brags to “smoothen features” and “tighten the appearance of pores” and I don’t know if I would completely agree it’s the best product for these aims, but it does perk my skin up as well as adding a slight dewey look to my make up which I love. I think if you’re not sure then I would 100% recommend buying the smaller bottle and definitely if you work long hours or are prone dry skin this definitely works brilliantly.

Bourjois 123 Perfect Colour Correcting cream -£9.99

After watching one of Fleur De Force’s videos where she raved about this I thought I would give this a go as I am so completely on the BB and CC bandwagon. I am not a fan of heavy coverage so I love the lightness of both their formulas and especially with this Bourjois one as its colour corrector formula works amazingly on my dark under eyes and red patches on my face. Bourjois’ foundations are usually way to dark for my skin tone so I was over the moon to discover that as well as giving an even skin tone the Ivory shade was perfect for my skin! It’s pretty averagely priced for high street base makeup and it’s perfect for summer with it’s lighter consistency and SPF of 15, I could continue to rave about this till the cows come home but I’ll just have to leave you guys to try it for yourselves!

MAC Maleficent Beauty Powder -£22

As soon as I found out about this I was on a mission to get my hands on it, as in my mind there was no better combination than Disney and MAC. This product was created to act as a powder, highlighter or blush but for my skin tone I discovered it was way too pale to be a powder of blush but as a highlighter it was “magical”. It’s not shimmery but instead has a pearly effect which is perfect for a highlighter as I’m not the biggest fan of shimmer or glitter on my face, and means it looks great no matter how you use it! It’s versatility means it would work on the majority of skin tones and could even be used as eye shadow which is pretty much the best thing you could ask for from a powder product.

So that’s the end to this slightly wordy June Favourites/ Holy Grail post, although there were some slightly more pricier items, through samples or travel sized options there ways to make it affordable for everyone’s budget. My high street Holy Grail is coming soon and next month you’ll get a bit more of a various spread of favourites so I hoped you guys enjoyed it and I’ll see you next time!

Gemma xxx



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