The Lip That Lasts- Bourjois Velvet Rouge Edition

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Now when I say I am obsessed with lip products this is no exaggeration, considering I may have brought over 15 lip products last time I went home… which was for a week, but hey a girl has got to have options. But this obsession has led me to be is more discerning in the quality, pigment and longevity of my lip products which is why I was completely over the moon to have discovered Bourjois’ Rouge Edition lipsticks. While they have more of a standard lipstick formula I have to focus on my favourites, the Rouge Edition Velvet lipsticks which take a more lip lacquer formula which means they last all day long.

Although this is by no means a new concept with every brand having had a crack at it with both positive and negative outcomes, Rimmel’s Apocalips being a personal highlight for me. For Bourjois though it seems biding their time was completely worth it and after buying one I was so impressed I immediately ran back the next day and bought two more. With an eight colour spectrum it won’t be long till I collect them all and with a variety that boasts bold bright pinks (Pink Pong) to more muted reds and browns (Frambourjois and Nude-ist) there’s something for everyone. It doesn’t suffer from multiple layers either so you can build it up as much as you want without it smudging or flaking at all. Although the packaging suggests a more lipgloss texture it gives a matte finish, so if you’re a bit wary of dry lips I’d perhaps lay a base of lip balm first just to lock that moisture in. The wand is simple but effective making it quick as a flash to apply and the long lasting finish and bold colour combination a lot less daunting to apply.

In terms of the big ticket selling point they do not disappoint easily taking you from morning to midnight. I test drived them at T in the Park which with the combination of beer, sweat and rain is pretty much the most extreme test a lip product can be given and it passed with flying colours. With no need to reapply or any risk of the dreaded lip liner look when it wears off it’s perfect for low maintenance looks that gives colour without the need for constant top ups. A couple of makeup wipes later and it’s finally off but when given the choice between more wet wipes or constant top ups I know which one I would choose. At £8.99 a pop it’s proof again that the drug store brands have raised their game and are definitely suceeding on taking on the big budget brands.


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