Tangle Teezer- Worth the Hype?


WP_20140707_13_29_56_ProThe Tangle Teezer is one of the most hyped hairbrushes ever with it being stocked everywhere from Boots to Asos, so as a long time sufferer of wild, tangly hair I thought it was time to take the plunge. There’s an ever expanding range from the aqua splash which is intended for showers, the salon elite, the original and the handbag sized compact styler which I decided would be my weapon of choice . They range from about £10-£12 but i would totally recommend doing what I did if you have a student discount card and purchasing it somewhere like Topshop or Asos just to get it that little bit cheaper.

So down to the nitty gritty, I would say one of the definite upsides is in terms of colours and general variety of products you’re pretty much guaranteed to find your perfect product. In terms of detangling, it definitely does the job and it really is perfect for carrying about with you with its lightweight nature and the Compact Styler comes with a base with keeps everything neat and tidy as well.

The plastic formula of the product allows it to air dry extremely quickly so it’s great to use after the shower which is where the majority of my knots at least tend to appear. The varying bristle lengths mean the brush glides through wet hair as well so I never have to live in fear of accidently tugging my hair out because of a particularly nasty knot which long hair is especially prone to.

My only critcism of the product is that if you’re like me and have extremely thick hair it takes slightly more effort to fully remove every tangle, I find it usually works best if I separate my hair just to fully get all those tangles out. But it’s still so completely worth it, especially for long hair as I’ve noticed less breakage in my hair and it’s so much more compact and cuter than carrying a brush that it’s become my perfect hairstyling product and one that I can promise is very much worth the hype!




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