Stationery Saviours


WP_20141001_13_26_38_Pro WP_20141001_13_27_46_Pro  Am the only one that instead of dreading those yearly back to school shops actually revelled in them? Although there were the horrendous hours being dragged around and forced into every uniform variant deemed necessary but your school there was the light at the end of the tunnel, stationery. From pads in a multitude of patterns and sizes to pens that wrote in all shades of the rainbow it was paradise.  No while as a child I was often restricted by my parents in terms of what I actually needed (which was usually very little as this stationery thing runs in the family)  as a (semi) adult I am no longer restricted to such ration thoughts and with my final year of university looming I may have gone on a little splurge, but you know it’s all in the name of learning…..


The yellow sweetie one I picked up here, the floral here, the pink chevron was from Paperchase too but I  couldn’t find it on the website. The other three striped ones were on sale in Tesco for £1 which is ridiculously cheap!



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