Music Musings October

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After having professed how my tastes are somewhat lacking in the music department, I think it probably wasn’t a surprise that I missed the September edition of my music musings. Especially seeing as the month was almost entirely devoted to Shake It Off on repeat.

But having immersed myself back into university life, means as a result I have set up almost permanent residence in the library again. This means my headphones are being well used again so I thought I’d give you guys an update on what I have on repeat this month.

The Vamps- Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart) ft. Shawn Mendes

This is by far the cheesiest choice on my list but after having seen these guys open for Taylor Swift earlier in the year they’ve started to grown on me, and this latest single is yet another example of the cookie cutter, catchy pop melodies they do so well. Not to mention the video is set on a tropical island so it’s the perfect song to cheer you up through those horrible rainy days.

Ben Howard- End Of The Affair

This is decidedly a bit darker than my previous choice but Ben Howard marks a return to form to that which left me completely obsessed with his first album, and is sure to do the same when “I Forget Where We Were” is released this week. The thing I love about his music is it’s a perfect combination of mournful melodies combined with soulful vocals and the accompanying  acoustic guitar which seems to contain this immense energy. I can’t help but feel this song is the embodiment of walking in Autumn and the darker nights that Winter brings, perfect for getting you excited for all the goodness that Winter brings.

Taylor Swift- Out Of The Woods

Of course Taylor Swift had to feature on this list, this time with her latest offering off 1989, and again this is the perfect song for those cold wintry nights. A completely different style to Shake It Off, this song has me even more excited for the rest of the album thanks to it’s deeper and darker melody and infectious chorus, it’s definitely one to sway the nay-sayers with a much more adult, complex sound.

Ed Sheeran – X

Okay I realise this is slightly cheating as it’s not actually a single as opposed to an entire album, but I am hard pushed to think one I have ever loved in its entirety as much as this. Having never been a massive fan of his previous album I was initially subjected to this through friends, but after a month on repeat as well as seeing him at T in the Park I am converted. My personal favourite is a toss up between ‘Bloodstream’, ‘Nina’ and ‘I’m A Mess’ but there is pretty much a song on it for everyone. While not necessarily reminiscent of Winter like the previous two songs, there is one which matches almost every mood and occasion and I highly recommend it.


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