Love, Rosie

love-rosieOn Monday night I was lucky enough to receive some free tickets thanks to Heat Magazine for one of my most anticipated rom-coms of the year Love Rosie. Based on the Cecilia Adhern book of the same name (since retitled Where Rainbows End for the UK) it revolves around best friends Rosie and Alex best friends who have shared everything and could possibly be more, if life didn’t keep getting in the way.  With Lily Collins and Sam Claflin being two of my absolute up and coming actors I had had this on my must see list since it was first announced last year, and of course I jumped at the chance to go see it early.

Whilst the book spans their lives from 5 to 50, it’s written in the form of letters, emails, invitations and pretty much every form of language other than straight forward dialogue. Although you’d expect this to distance you from the characters, it in fact does the opposite of making them as close to you as your real life friends. The casual language makes them so much more real, and as a result the events that happen to them so much more heartbreaking and relatable. It’s no wonder that it’s sold so well and caused thousands of people, myself included to fall in love with it.

So needless to say I went into the cinema with some pretty substantial high hopes and I am glad to say they were most certainly met. Although there are slight alterations to the plot in that a few characters and a few years are cut out, (much to my joy as my one criticism of the book is that I thought it went on slightly too long), it stays pretty faithful to the original. Collins is the perfect casting for Rosie providing the ideal mix of the pretty girl next door and best friend material that makes her completely relatable, while Claflin proves again he is perfect leading man material as the gorgeous, hopeless Alex. I laugh and cried the whole way through and I highly recommend it as it’s the perfect feel good film to to see on those cold wintery nights.


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