Zoella Beauty

WP_20141027_12_28_46_ProWP_20141027_12_24_26_Pro WP_20141027_12_24_42_Pro WP_20141027_12_26_44_Pro By now unless you’ve been living under some sort of internet rock I expect you will have heard about Zoella. With over 6 million subscribers on Youtube, an upcoming novel, a beauty range as well as a multitude of collaborations with the likes of Simple skincare and Boohoo.com she’s pretty much Queen of the internet at the minute. As a regular watcher and reader of her content I was pretty darn excited when she announced her new beauty range with Superdrug, and although it unfortunately isn’t available in Belfast where I spent most of my time, as soon as I got home I went a little bit crazy… The range includes makeup bags, shower gels, body lotion, candles, a body spray and her patented fizz bar. As an absolute sucker for a candle it was first on my wish list especially with its gorgeous smell which has “white wood accents, sweet vanilla and soft floral notes,”. It gives the perfect combination of sweet scents while still smelling incredibly fresh and for £5, although I wasn’t expecting much I was pleasantly surprised to find that not only does it burn for a pretty long time, but the scent also fills the room. My second choice was the “Blissful Mistful” body spray which again was surprisingly cheap at £8. It’s a very girly sweet scent much like the candle, but with some fruit notes as well which I really enjoy as I think it stops it being too sweet. For the price I think it’s an incredibly rich smell compared to other body sprays, and although I would say it doesn’t last as long on my skin compared to more expensive sprays, for the price it’s still incredibly good value. My last choice was of course the fizz bar as I am an absolute sucker for Lush and anything bath bomb related. It has the same floral, sweet, fresh scent that is present in her other products which creates a really nice scented calming bath. I would definitely recommend using at least two pieces for a bath to give the full effect, and I am completely in love with the chocolate bar break off style of it. Overall I think for the price it’s incredibly good quality and it’s a great range of products which have obviously been targeted to her main audience of those under 18. I love the scent and the packaging which makes it look really classy and I can’t wait to see what she brings out next!


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