July Favourites


I know this tends to be a bit of a cliche when writing these posts but seriously, where did July go?! I can’t believe Summer’s almost over and although I love Autumn and everything it brings, it seems sad to say goodbye to the Summer already when we only seem to have had a weeks worth of sunny weather. Summer is always one of my favourite times for beauty as there’s always a wave of new fresh summer scents and products guaranteed to help you feel your best. So here’s my little round up for you guys of a collection of the things I’ve been loving this month.


The first is my favourite fragrance at the minute which is Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck Enchanted perfume. Although I love Taylor Swift (number one fangirl right here) I’ve been slightly disappointed with her perfumes as I think they tend to have a slightly unnatural chemically scent. But for me this is the exception, as with notes of wild berries, white musk, peony blossoms, and white freesia to name a few makes it one of the fruitiest and freshest perfumes I’ve smelt. I know perfume is hard to recommend because they smell differently on everyone but I think this is perfect for people looking for a fresh and slightly fruity scent but thanks to the musk, one with a slightly maturer, sexier undertone. For this reason I think it’s the perfect day to night perfume and for only £24 on Amazon for 100ml one of the best value perfumes I’ve seen too.


Kate Moss’s lipstick range for Rimmel is one of the most consistent celebrity beauty collaborations out there and the high quality and sheer range of colours makes it one of the favourites. My current favourite is called Rossetto (Number 5) which is a pinky red with a coral undertone and incredibly pigmented. It has a moisturising, creamy texture which is perfect for summer as it provides a pretty sheen and doesn’t dry your lips out. Again I’ve been loving this for day and night, mixed with a little lip balm during the day and amping the colour up with a lip liner for night. Also as a red lipstick addict, it’s a great option for those who want to try something new without being too drastic and it’s definitely become one of my most used lipsticks.


I am a unashamed convert to the Zoella craze and was pretty impressed with her first range of products but her second edition has raised the bar even higher. This was one of my must haves as I am obsessed with sugar scrubs and for £7 it’s slightly cheaper than other high street versions. Although initially I was slightly disappointed that it didn’t smell as strongly of tutti frutti as advertised, it does still smell really good albeit being a lighter flowery scent. The beeswax in it gives it a hard and slightly oily feel, but when you apply it on the body it feels incredibly moisturising, and the bursting beads within it provide great exfoliation. When I first tried it I was amazed how moisturised and smooth my legs felt and although I feel it might not be the best choice if you were looking for a exfoliator to provide a visible improvement for problem areas, as a day to day scrub I love it.


I thought I’d finish with a book this month as I mentioned in one of my earlier posts my goal is to read more this summer. My current read The Versions of Us is Laura Barnett’s debut fiction novel, and if the amazing cover doesn’t have you hooked then the plot definitely will. It is vaguely reminiscent of the film Sliding Doors in that it raises the question of fate and how much impact one small change can make on your life. In three alternate timelines the reader is introduced to Eva and Jim, two students at Cambridge university, in the first they meet and strike up a relationship, in the second they pass each other by and the last they meet but the relationship doesn’t last. It was slightly difficult in the beginning to remember which storyline was which, but after the first few chapters I was hooked and couldn’t put it down. Every storyline is so well thought out and any of them alone would work as a fantastic book but the three together is amazing. It’s easy to read while being incredibly well written so is perfect for reluctant and avid readers and has left me eagerly waiting to see what Laura writes next.


So that’s what I’ve been loving this month but I’d love to know what you all have been loving as well as if you’ve tried any of these and what you think. Now bring on August!


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