The Bloggers Market-Take Two

In January the lovely girls behind What Olivia Did, Shiny Thoughts, Dearest Deer, Wish Wish Wish and I Want You To Know organised a bloggers market where bloggers and readers could come meet the girls, have a little shop, and generally just have a lovely time. I was heart-broken that I couldn’t make it as I was still in Belfast at university, so as soon as they announced a second one I got very excited, especially when they asked for volunteers to help and I got chosen!


Although it was a bit of an early start, any tiredness was instantly forgotten as soon as I arrived at the beautiful Hoxton hotel and met all the girls who were completely lovely and welcoming (and would you believe it even prettier in real life!)

They arranged a lovely breakfast for us so we could all get introduced which was great as we were able to get to know a little more about everyone and have a moment of calm before the craziness began. Afterwards, fully fed and settled my fellow helpers and I set about helping the girls set up as well as making the venue as pretty as possible (not that it needed much help).

DSC04285WP_20150822_10_10_23_Pro DSC04408DSC04299

As there were some lovely treats provided by Krispy Kreme, Appletiser and Yo Sushi we laid those out (and of course took multiple instagrams along the way).

WP_20150822_11_16_58_Pro WP_20150822_10_01_43_Pro WP_20150822_10_09_07_Pro WP_20150822_10_07_51_Pro WP_20150822_10_06_45_Pro WP_20150822_10_05_02_Pro

We finished setting up just in time for a quick first snoop at what was on offer, and of course a few cheeky purchases before people started arriving, and next thing we knew the market had begun!
DSC04434DSC04377 DSC04432DSC04429DSC04376DSC04422

With girls from Benefit doing makeup top ups, Joël Benjamin who’d done the last market doing amazing braids, Emma Block doing some adorable illustrations as well as the delicious treats and the girls’ stalls, it was a big hit!

DSC04406DSC04411 DSC04409

Everyone was so lovely and seemed to love all the different things on offer and it was so nice to see everyone hanging out and mingling with everyone.

Although it was quite hectic in the beginning with everyone desperate to get first look at all the goodies on offer, it eventually calmed down as the day went on and became more of a relaxed vibe which was solidified when Liv introduced the beautiful and talented Shannon Wardrop who came out and played a gorgeous acoustic set.
DSC04417 DSC04441DSC04454

There was such a lovely atmosphere as everyone stopped what they were doing and just sat and listened to Shannon’s beautiful and haunting songs. All too soon the event was winding up and in a scene that was reminiscent of the end of 60 Minute Makeover, we packed and tidied everything up as quickly as we could to get out of the venue on time. It was so sad to say goodbye to the girls and also my lovely fellow helpers; Paige, Ron and Anne-Sophie (who you can check out here, here and here) but I left with the type of contentment that only happens after a really, really lovely day.


Not to mention I got all these goodies!


I cannot recommend that if there is another bloggers market soon, (which hopefully there will be as this was such a success) that you get there anyway you can as it’s the loveliest mix of people, clothes and stalls you find anywhere. It’s certainly going to take a long time for me to come down from this high anyway!

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