Summer-Proof Makeup

When it comes to Summer you seem to only have two choices makeup wise, either go completely bare-faced or strip it down as best you can so as to avoid the dreaded smudge when you inevitably wipe your face. I … Continue reading

Makeup for “No Makeup Days”



You know those days when you’re not feeling so fresh so no makeup isn’t an option, but you don’t want that full face heavy foundation look either? Well fear no more as this is the ultimate compilation of my top picks for those low key skin makeup looks.

Starting at the lowest of the price range we have the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream which is £7.99. This only comes in Light or Medium colour options but although this may seem incredibly limited it doesn’t actually matter as the formula is so light it blends in well to the skin and just leaves it with a general glow while hiding those mild blemishes. This isn’t perfect if you suffer from extreme spots or blemishes and I usually find myself adding some of my favourite Collection 2000 concealer under my eyes, but gives a brilliant subtle dewy glow.

A slight step up at £9.99 is the Bourjois 123 Perfect Colour Correcting cream which I mentioned in my June favourites a while ago, but it’s just so great it’s become a firm favourite in my makeup bag. Its main selling point is it’s 3 pigments which help target fatigue, redness and spots and it has to be said it gives the best concealing coverage of any BB or CC cream I’ve used. It still feels incredibly light on the skin whilst giving impressive long lasting coverage. I have never usually been a fan of Bourjois face makeup as it’s usually way to dark for my skin and like the Maybelline it only comes in four shades, but the lightweight formula again means it blends so well into the skin that it suits way more skin tone than initially appears.

At the high end of the price bracket we have the Dior DiorSkin Nude BB Crème which was my casual birthday present to myself as it’s £30 which is a lot for a BB cream. Although I would be more inclined to recommend the Bourjois one if you’re looking for a heavier coverage, this is absolutely the best cheat I’ve come across achieving that flawless skin look. Everytime I’ve worn this I’ve had people commenting on how great my skin looks without thinking I have foundation on, which for me makes it worth every penny. Although I have found that the Maybelline goes on best with fingers, the Bourjois with a sponge, this I feel is worth the extra effort of using a stippling brush to just go the extra mile in getting that flawless finish. So what are you waiting for, get out there and glow!