Music Musings October

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After having professed how my tastes are somewhat lacking in the music department, I think it probably wasn’t a surprise that I missed the September edition of my music musings. Especially seeing as the month was almost entirely devoted to Shake It Off on repeat.

But having immersed myself back into university life, means as a result I have set up almost permanent residence in the library again. This means my headphones are being well used again so I thought I’d give you guys an update on what I have on repeat this month.

The Vamps- Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart) ft. Shawn Mendes

This is by far the cheesiest choice on my list but after having seen these guys open for Taylor Swift earlier in the year they’ve started to grown on me, and this latest single is yet another example of the cookie cutter, catchy pop melodies they do so well. Not to mention the video is set on a tropical island so it’s the perfect song to cheer you up through those horrible rainy days.

Ben Howard- End Of The Affair

This is decidedly a bit darker than my previous choice but Ben Howard marks a return to form to that which left me completely obsessed with his first album, and is sure to do the same when “I Forget Where We Were” is released this week. The thing I love about his music is it’s a perfect combination of mournful melodies combined with soulful vocals and the accompanying  acoustic guitar which seems to contain this immense energy. I can’t help but feel this song is the embodiment of walking in Autumn and the darker nights that Winter brings, perfect for getting you excited for all the goodness that Winter brings.

Taylor Swift- Out Of The Woods

Of course Taylor Swift had to feature on this list, this time with her latest offering off 1989, and again this is the perfect song for those cold wintry nights. A completely different style to Shake It Off, this song has me even more excited for the rest of the album thanks to it’s deeper and darker melody and infectious chorus, it’s definitely one to sway the nay-sayers with a much more adult, complex sound.

Ed Sheeran – X

Okay I realise this is slightly cheating as it’s not actually a single as opposed to an entire album, but I am hard pushed to think one I have ever loved in its entirety as much as this. Having never been a massive fan of his previous album I was initially subjected to this through friends, but after a month on repeat as well as seeing him at T in the Park I am converted. My personal favourite is a toss up between ‘Bloodstream’, ‘Nina’ and ‘I’m A Mess’ but there is pretty much a song on it for everyone. While not necessarily reminiscent of Winter like the previous two songs, there is one which matches almost every mood and occasion and I highly recommend it.


Music Musings For August

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Now before I go any further I feel I have to confess something. I am not a music fan, shocking I know. I mean don’t get me wrong I have had my brief dalliances with musical soundtracks and enjoy a bit of top 40 when I’m out on the town, but I’ve never been the type of girl that has the pure dedication and perseverance to hunt down the up and comers of new music.

But what with the recent bouts of sunshine I have found myself out and about a lot more, and what is an adventure without a soundtrack? So here are the four songs this week that have been completely dominating my headphones.

Nicki Minaj- Anaconda

This strikes a pretty different tone from the remaining three but after being a big fan of her previous offerings, Minaj doesn’t slow down with her current single. Although it probably seems pretty obvious from the single artwork the video is pretty NSFW but with some strong female messages as well. Aside from my personal admiration for Minaj’s no holds barred approach to the music industry, the song peaks with it’s catchy chorus and its instantly memorable one-liners means it’s one that will feature heavily in my gym and club playlists.

Bastille- Bad News

The first song of their upcoming EP Oblivion, this has left me with high hopes on their new offering matching up to the awesomeness of Bad Blood, which is one of my all time favourite albums. This is definitely a tune that has got me looking forward to the darker days and longer nights of Autumn, with its bass heavy formula and eerie vocals that encapsulate Bastille at their finest. With a simple yet effective video which offers a kaleidoscope of clips intermitted with the lead singer walking down a grimy corridor, it’s places the focus on the song, while making it impossible for you to tear your eyes away.

Taylor Swift- Shake It Off

The fourteen year old in me will forever be loyal to Taylor Swift’s role in helping me to evade the pitfalls of puberty and providing the perfect consoling soundtrack when I didn’t. The fact that I’ve grown up with her means I’ve seen and admired her development from her country roots days to her new single, which she admits is off the album she’s described as “her first documented pop album”. Although her new single certainly isn’t her most lyrically challenging the catchy chorus and feel good video means it’s perfect for chasing away those end of summer blues.

Haim- My Song 5 ft. A$ap Ferg

Although this song was a prominent feature of their 2013 album ” Days are Gone”, this recent release with the new verse from A$ap Ferg is bringing it to prominence in my most played charts again. The erratic beat which seems to lurch through the song and heavy bass creates a sexy presence in the song, making this one of the coolest break up songs ever. This is reflected in the video which spoofs American talk shows such as the like of Jerry Springer, and with guest stars such as Grime, Kesha and Ezra Koening it’s a perfect mix of the mundane and unexpected which perfectly encapsulates Haim’s laid back cool brand of music. It’s a break away from the upbeat Californian melodies they’re perhaps better known for, but with winter on its way and Hail providing the perfect winter look to encapsulate, it’s the perfect song to blast while you walk through the cold and project your inner badass. At least know I will be!

A Day At The Beach Irish Style

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Childish Humour






One of my favourite things about living in the UK is the tradition that every Summer we flock to the seaside and indulge in every cliche. From buying rock, visiting the arcade, the pier or running out of the sea once you realise just how freezing cold it is, no summer is complete without a trip to the coast.

Having been based in Belfast for the past two years I find myself feeling incredibly guilty about having not really expanded my horizons past the city centre. So last week my two friends and I decided enough was enough, and jumped on the train to see what the Northern Irish coast had to offer.

Boy we weren’t disappointed, although there was a lack of cliche seaside attractions, the views more than made up for it. The place we visited was actually a park so there were a variety of walks and hiking trails that we could explore, as well as the physical coastline itself. Although there wasn’t a lot of sunshine we avoided the usual Irish showers, and the fragments of sunshine we did get were so potent that I ended up with a tiny bit of sunburn! We brought a picnic and plenty of supplies to keep us entertained, reading by the sea has to be one of my all time favourite activities to relax. As well as the obligatory ice cream van trip and an adorable welcome centre, it turned into one of the best (and cheapest!) days I’ve had in Northern Ireland so far!