Only Time Will Tell With Hourglass’ Blush Palette

WP_20141107_11_21_38_Pro WP_20141107_11_22_18_Pro WP_20141107_11_22_42_Pro WP_20141107_11_24_08_ProFor my birthday the other week I was lucky enough to receive from my extremely generous friends the BRAND NEW Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette! Up till about three months ago I hadn’t even heard of the brand but after a chance encounter at the Space NK counter and a casual swatch or two, I fell in love. I can honestly say I have never in my life felt any pressed powder that is that creamy and soft on the skin.

While I saved my pennies to reach the £56.00 price tag, Hourglass brought out their blush version of their famous Ambient Lighting Palette and some sneaky friends of mine realised that they could kill two birds with one stone, and give me not one of the blushes, I had lusted after but three!

One of my favourite parts of Hourglass’ blushes is that due to the swirled nature of it, every single blush is unique. Not to mention the pigment, oh the pigment. I decided to use the darkest shade of the palette as a bronzer, picked up the amount I would usually use, and ended up with tiger stripes across my face! Seriously less is definitely more in this case, but use with caution and it will create the most beautiful glow. Incandescent Electra is the coolest toned of the three providing a perfect light pale pink highlight, with Luminous Flush providing the warmer typical pink toned blush. Mood Exposure (aka the tiger stripes culprit) being the warmest of the bunch would be a great holiday beauty blush, but for me it is being solely reserved as a bronzer alternative.


Not to mention the packaging is incredibly preeeeetty? I’m a sucker for anything rose gold and this palette is flawless, definitely deserving it’s expensive price tag but it is worth every single penny. And with it being the run up to Christmas, you never know, if you’re good you might be able to persuade Santa to pop one under the tree.


Once upon a Highlighter



Every girl with a love of makeup knows that for every new product you obsess over one has to get pushed to the wayside. But that also means you get the amazing moment when you rediscover your old favourites, and this is exactly the case with my Mac Maleficent Beauty Powder in Natural.

This was originally purchased due to my complete Disney obsession, along with the Amplified Lipstick in True Loves Kiss (with a name like that who could resist) and boy am I glad I did. Its creamy peach colour means it works incredibly well both as a face powder but also as a highlighter. I love it for this as it gives the perfect subtle contour for cheekbones and is hands down one of the prettiest, most natural highlighters I’ve ever used.

It’s smooth silky feel means it works great for dry skin and its warm pink tones means it work great for both pale to medium toned skin. Not to mention it’s great for on the go travel as it’s multiple products in one. This means it’s become a firm favourite again in my make up back and has gotten me excited to rediscover all the other forgotten gems in my makeup bag just in time for autumn!