Summer-Proof Makeup

When it comes to Summer you seem to only have two choices makeup wise, either go completely bare-faced or strip it down as best you can so as to avoid the dreaded smudge when you inevitably wipe your face. I … Continue reading

Argan Oil…. In a Mascara?!




Like the majority of girls who’s hair has a tendency to frizz, Argan Oil has been my best friend for a loooong time. But while it provides perfect smoothness and separation on my unruly hair, is it something that I really want on my eyelashes? This is the idea behind Rimmel’s new mascara, that the Argan Oil will work its magic on those pesky lashes that are determined to stick together as well as stopping as the mascara formula itself drying and forming clumps on the lashes.

I have to say from first look I am a big fan of the brush with its plastic and incredibly tightly packed bristles, which are my personal favourites in creating a well defined lash look. With first application it certainly does seem to live up to it’s promise, with my eyelashes receiving an even coating as well as a subtle, yet defining separating lash look.  It’s upon further applications though that the mascara starts to shows it’s flaws. The Argan Oil formula which works so well in stopping the lashes clumping together, works against itself when you try to build up the colour and definition of the lashes. If you try to persevere and build up the mascara on the lashes, the sheer volume of product you have to apply means it inevitably starts to clump together, defeating the main purpose altogether, without really building up volume.
Although this is a flaw for those of us that do like a fuller lash look, it provides a great base coat to ensure lashes are separated. As a girl that swears by using multiple mascaras at once, it really isn’t an issue for me to refer back to my Benefit or Revlon favourites that ensure the build up of volume I’m looking for. It is also a great mascara for low maintenance makeup looks, as it lasts all day with no smudging and gives a great boost to lashes when aiming for a natural look.