24 Days of Christmas: Day 5-Jingle All The Way


I really had to resist just writing “Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Christmas film” as today’s blog post, because frankly if that doesn’t sell it to you I don’t know what will.

The main main himself plays a workaholic father who fails to buy his son the one gift he wants, which also happens to be the must have gift of the season. Calamity ensues as he sets off on Christmas Eve to track down the sold out action figure for his son and takes on desperate parents, con-men and the police.

You’re certainly not going to find world class acting or script writing in this film, but it’s pure farcical comedy at its best, and Arnold Schwarzenegger is great as always (although I’ll admit I am biased as he could say boo and I’d laugh). It’s easy going fun for the whole family and any parent watching will empathise with his plight of trying to track down the must have Christmas present for their child. It’s very heavily set at Christmas so there’s plenty of holiday backdrops to get you feeling festive, and if that doesn’t work the classic Christmas soundtrack definitely will.

All in all the film is certainly not life changing but it’s very funny and the perfect type of film to put on when people are tired and fancy something enjoyable that you don’t really need to pay attention to. My family and I watch it every year and the over the top explosive ending still makes me laugh, and I think that the fact that we keep coming back to it year after year and enjoying it is the sign of a truly great Christmas film.

As always let me know if you guys have seen this film and what you thought of it, I know it can be pretty divisive in my friendship group depending on who’s an Arnie fan! I’d love to know what you guys have thought of my choices so far and what you’re hoping will be next!


A Day In Brighton


For years I have been seeing hundreds of posts and videos of bloggers raving about Brighton, not to mention the hundreds of beautiful instagrams taken of it. As a result it has long been number one on my list of must-go places in the UK, so of course when the chance came for a brief day trip I jumped at the chance! I thought it’d make a nice beginners guide to Brighton and give me a chance to share with you the best places I managed to stumble upon during my day.


Mange Tout

DSC03701WP_20150806_12_50_39_ProWP_20150806_13_00_37_Pro__highresWP_20150806_12_58_19_Pro WP_20150806_12_58_09_Pro__highres

This was one that came highly recommended by pretty much every blogger who’s written about Brighton, and when we turned the corner from the car park to see it opposite I knew it was fate. With a varied yet simple, fresh menu it ticks every box and was the perfect brunch fix. Not to mention it has some of the best coffee I’ve ever had which was served with some delicious homemade meringues! This is the perfect option for the pickiest of friends not to mention those who like things a little on the healthier side, all in all putting our trip off to a great start.





This for me was literally the stuff dreams are made of, a shop dedicated to magazines! This is the hardcore stuff though, no Grazia or Elle to be found here, only slightly obscure yet beautifully made magazines covering everything from fashion to film. Some of them are more like books than conventional magazines, and although I finally manage to whittle it down to one (trust me it took a while) I could have easily left with half the store. Whether or not you’re a magazine obsessive like me I cannot recommend it enough even if just to look and try something new!


The Flour Pot

DSC03704 DSC03705 DSC03709 DSC03710 DSC03711 DSC03713

By this point we’d done enough walking that we were ready for another snack so as soon as I saw The Flour Pot bakery I knew that it was the answer to our prayers. This was another one I’d seen highly recommended by multiple bloggers so I had to pop it and grab a few treats for later. There was an amazing of variety of both savoury and sweet treats and a great gluten-free selection as well (which in hindsight I can thoroughly recommend as some of the best coeliac bakery products I’ve had).


Bert’s Homestore

DSC03723 DSC03726 DSC03732 DSC03741DSC03746 DSC03743

This is one for those who love all things home, Bert’s has everything from baking supplies to decorations, to toys. It’s one of those places that is impossible to leave without at least a little something, not to mention it’s just a lovely place to look around while you’re reminded of all the things you don’t need but really want. I am so distraught that these stores are only in Brighton, but it’s probably better for my bank account.



DSC03766DSC03753 DSC03754 DSC03756

After Bert’s I was definitely in the homeware mood and Edited was perfect to give me that fix. It’s like a combination of all the coolest stuff you’d find on Etsy all in one place. With a brilliant mix of the quaint and quirky there’s something for every style, and left me really wishing that I could fit one of those giant ice cream cushions in the car with me.


Brighton Pier

DSC03797 DSC03896 DSC03911DSC03954 DSC03971DSC03936

One of the last places we managed to hit is probably one of the most famous places in Brighton, the beach! It is one of the most picturesque beaches so I couldn’t resist having a ride on the merry-go-round and a go on a couple of the arcade games while I was there. A must have for anyone visiting, it was the perfect way to reflect on the events of the day while enjoying the picturesque scenery. Plus it’s a great place to visit if you’re a big kid like me and can’t resist a ride or two.


The Brighton Pavilion



This is a bit of a cheaty one as we didn’t actually manage to go inside because they were renovating, but the gardens alone were worth the visit. The building itself is so stunning I can’t wait to come back and see the inside, but for the meantime I was perfectly content to wander around the grounds and take some pictures. It was definitely the perfect way to end my first trip to Brighton.

I hope you enjoyed this post and it hopefully gave you a few ideas of where to go if you’ve never been to Brighton before. I enjoyed it so much I’m thinking of doing some more “In a Day” guides, so let me know if you’d like to see some more of them and where I should go next. Also please let me know your favourite places in Brighton too as I’m already compiling a list of where to go for next time!

The Bloggers Market-Take Two

In January the lovely girls behind What Olivia Did, Shiny Thoughts, Dearest Deer, Wish Wish Wish and I Want You To Know organised a bloggers market where bloggers and readers could come meet the girls, have a little shop, and generally just have a lovely time. I was heart-broken that I couldn’t make it as I was still in Belfast at university, so as soon as they announced a second one I got very excited, especially when they asked for volunteers to help and I got chosen!


Although it was a bit of an early start, any tiredness was instantly forgotten as soon as I arrived at the beautiful Hoxton hotel and met all the girls who were completely lovely and welcoming (and would you believe it even prettier in real life!)

They arranged a lovely breakfast for us so we could all get introduced which was great as we were able to get to know a little more about everyone and have a moment of calm before the craziness began. Afterwards, fully fed and settled my fellow helpers and I set about helping the girls set up as well as making the venue as pretty as possible (not that it needed much help).

DSC04285WP_20150822_10_10_23_Pro DSC04408DSC04299

As there were some lovely treats provided by Krispy Kreme, Appletiser and Yo Sushi we laid those out (and of course took multiple instagrams along the way).

WP_20150822_11_16_58_Pro WP_20150822_10_01_43_Pro WP_20150822_10_09_07_Pro WP_20150822_10_07_51_Pro WP_20150822_10_06_45_Pro WP_20150822_10_05_02_Pro

We finished setting up just in time for a quick first snoop at what was on offer, and of course a few cheeky purchases before people started arriving, and next thing we knew the market had begun!
DSC04434DSC04377 DSC04432DSC04429DSC04376DSC04422

With girls from Benefit doing makeup top ups, Joël Benjamin who’d done the last market doing amazing braids, Emma Block doing some adorable illustrations as well as the delicious treats and the girls’ stalls, it was a big hit!

DSC04406DSC04411 DSC04409

Everyone was so lovely and seemed to love all the different things on offer and it was so nice to see everyone hanging out and mingling with everyone.

Although it was quite hectic in the beginning with everyone desperate to get first look at all the goodies on offer, it eventually calmed down as the day went on and became more of a relaxed vibe which was solidified when Liv introduced the beautiful and talented Shannon Wardrop who came out and played a gorgeous acoustic set.
DSC04417 DSC04441DSC04454

There was such a lovely atmosphere as everyone stopped what they were doing and just sat and listened to Shannon’s beautiful and haunting songs. All too soon the event was winding up and in a scene that was reminiscent of the end of 60 Minute Makeover, we packed and tidied everything up as quickly as we could to get out of the venue on time. It was so sad to say goodbye to the girls and also my lovely fellow helpers; Paige, Ron and Anne-Sophie (who you can check out here, here and here) but I left with the type of contentment that only happens after a really, really lovely day.


Not to mention I got all these goodies!


I cannot recommend that if there is another bloggers market soon, (which hopefully there will be as this was such a success) that you get there anyway you can as it’s the loveliest mix of people, clothes and stalls you find anywhere. It’s certainly going to take a long time for me to come down from this high anyway!

The Perfect Sunday













WP_20141116_10_31_32_ProLike the majority of people I am a BIG fan of Sundays. With the combination of me being a full time student Monday to Friday, and work taking care of any Friday or Saturday fun, Sunday is my one day a week where I can completely chill out without feeling guilty. Luckily for me Belfast is home to one of the best markets I’ve ever been to, St George’s market, and to make it even better Sunday is devoted entirely to food!





As well as a smorgasborg of delicious treats there’s a range of other stalls with everything from art to adorable homewares, and some awesome vintage clothes. It’s the perfect place to do some potential Christmas shopping as well as some adorable trinkets like these cards, which are definitely going to be given to some lucky friends soon.






You have to make sure you head there early to get your pick of the produce, but you can always play the maverick and wait until the end to get some of the best deals. But my incredible FOMO tendencies meant I dragged my unwilling flatmate up at the crack of dawn to get my hands on the goodies before the masses flocked in. Boy it was worth it. If you live in the area or are planning on visiting Belfast I highly recommend you swing by, especially on an empty stomach as there are some delicious food stalls (four of which are mentioned in this Buzzfeed article). Me being the piggy I am opted for not one but four cupcakes from the amazing Lily Pink Bakery. Although I am completely over the cupcake fad these are the exception to the rule with the Dulce du Leche being the best of the bunch.




After picking up some fruit and veg and resisting the urge to grab yet another tasty treat, I regretfully headed home but at least with that contented feeling of a Sunday well spent and many tasty treats to last. Well at least till next week……

Winter Haul


So am I the only one that thinks that as soon as the calenders turned to October it suddenly became winter? I decided that with a change in weather comes a change in wardrobe, so with my student card in tow I hit up my top 5 stores and prepped myself for the onslaught of rain and cold in the best way possible.

So first things first, jumpers. Topshop is my ultimate one stop shop for these as they always have a massive variety of colours, sizes and patterns so I went for these two adorable ones; one that gives a pop of colour and whimsy that Winter most definitely need, and this because it was SO SOFT!

Next to stock up on was the winter warmer accessories so I went with a black beanie, wide brim hat to take care of those bad hair days and these boots to provide protection against puddles.

Zara is another great place for Winter staples and I picked up this adorable top which combines my three loves; collars, stripes and statement jewellery. It’s the perfect mix for casual cute daytime looks or an evening date, which definitely helped justify this purchase.

Also am I the only one who’s found that the yearly long hard slog for a new winter coat has been made extra hard this season, considering everything seems to be a parka or a super long? Well fear no more as when I came across this miracle of black wool gorgeousness it was a match made in heaven. It sits just above the knee, and is the perfect mix of fitted while loose enough to fit a jumper underneath, so yep, perfect.

Miss Selfridge is not a usual haunt but recently has been winning me over especially with this cute 90’s crop top, which may not be the most sensible winter option but it was just too damn cute to say no. And by wearing it with these high waisted black jeans makes it the most uber flattering, day to night outfit for even the most low key of girls.

To finish up my wardrobe reformation I picked up from ASOS this adorable heart necklace, which will add a perfect glam update to any winter jumper, and this statement necklace from Zara for a fancier look. Finished with this perfect winter nail from Essie and my ultimate berry lip from Nars, and come rain or shine you’re ready to look your best no matter what!

Stationery Saviours


WP_20141001_13_26_38_Pro WP_20141001_13_27_46_Pro  Am the only one that instead of dreading those yearly back to school shops actually revelled in them? Although there were the horrendous hours being dragged around and forced into every uniform variant deemed necessary but your school there was the light at the end of the tunnel, stationery. From pads in a multitude of patterns and sizes to pens that wrote in all shades of the rainbow it was paradise.  No while as a child I was often restricted by my parents in terms of what I actually needed (which was usually very little as this stationery thing runs in the family)  as a (semi) adult I am no longer restricted to such ration thoughts and with my final year of university looming I may have gone on a little splurge, but you know it’s all in the name of learning….. Continue reading