Music Musings

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I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve written one of these posts! I did warn you all that when I first wrote these posts that cool new music is not my strong suit but I’ve finally emerged from my music hibernation so I thought I’d share some of my recent favourites.

Charlie XCX- Sucker

Okay so this is kind of cheating as this is more of a whole album love as opposed to a specific single but it’s just so good! You’ve probably heard the hits such as Boom Clap and Fancy with Iggy Azalea, but the album is where Charlie XCX really comes into her own. It’s full of bubblegum pop hits with a 90s punk edge that provide the perfect Summer soundtrack. It’s one of those albums that just by listening too makes you feel like a bad-ass and I’ve found myself having to resist the urge to sing it out loud when walking down the street . My personal favourites on the track are Body of my Own, Break The Rules and Breaking Up but as a whole I think it’s really strong and will definitely be taking up most of the space on my Summer party playlist.

Rita Ora- Poison

Rita Ora seems like one of those artists that creep up on you and while one minute your enjoying the odd play of her music you hear on the radio, the next thing you know you have her album on repeat. While she’s kept us waiting for her new music releasing only the Calvin Harris written I Will Never Let You Down last year, it’s her role as a judge on the UK Voice that cemented her into my heart as one of my top girl crushes and Poison becoming my number one choice to screech along to as I’m driving with the windows down.

Tove Lo- Talking Body

This Swedish singer has been on my radar since her song “Stay High” and my love affair is continuing with this song off her albums Queen of the Clouds. Again continuing in the tradition of most of the songs on this list it’s another anthem perfect for Summer, not to mention her dreamlike, indie melody yet refreshing honest lyrics make it a relationship anthem that for once is truly relatable to your life in every gory detail.

Little Mix- Black Magic

You can probably guess by now that there is a pretty strong pop vibe running through my playlists at the moment and Little Mix are the epitome of this, the guilty pleasure pop that you can’t get out of your head. I really didn’t want to like them after seeing them come through the X-Factor and their bubblegum image, but the fact they managed to produce pop hit after pop hit slowly wore me down and with the release of this first single off their new album I am fully converted. It’s another perfect Summer tune that will get you going whether you’re driving in the countryside or running in the gym, the only thing is I apologise when you find yourself singing 24/7 as it is that infectious.

So these are the currents songs I’ve got on repeat at the minute, hopefully I’ll sway some of you to give these a listen as I always think life’s too short to pretend you don’t love a bit of pop music! Hopefully the next of these posts won’t take quite so long but in the meantime I’d love you know what you are all listening to and as always I am desperate for recommendations to expand my (very narrow) music horizon!