Cinema Under The Sky



Little known fact about me is that I am completely and totally obsessed with movies in any shape, way or form. I’m also a complete sucker for anything novelty, so the concept of an outdoor cinema is pretty much a match made in heaven for me.

For my childhood best friend’s 21st birthday present I thought I’d get her something a little different and when I found an outdoor showing of Little Shop of Horrors, the film that first made us best friends I knew it was fate. So under the guise of a mysterious trip to London, I whisked her off to Camden for a night under the stars.

Under a blanket of lights it perfectly set the magical scene of the evening, but before we hunkered down for the night we couldn’t help but have a look at everything else that was on offer.




And of course we couldn’t help but take a few pictures (I mean what’s a best friend if not to act as a part-time photographer)!

The more eagled eye of you might notice that this is my newly purchased jumper courtesy of Wish Wish Wish from the bloggers market, which I have to say is so cosy I’m going to be wearing it all Winter.



Once we’d had our fill of sights we needed something to fill our bellies and as soon as I saw the Honest burgers sign our fate was sealed.




A tucked away literal hole in the wall with the coolest looking group of people you’ve ever seen it has a completely inclusive atmosphere where you can pull up a seat and enjoy the atmosphere and food (that is if you can find one).



While Olivia went for the plain beef I went for the eponymous Honest, a mouth-watering combination of beef, bacon, mature cheddar, onion relish and pickled cucumber. I can tell you honest-ly (sorry had to be done) it is on the top 3 burgers of my life list, which considering how many burgers I eat is a pretty great honour. Not to mention the rosemary fries, which I must say I was slightly dubious about, but turned out to be one of the best chip combinations ever, made even better by the fact we got a massive sack of them each.



With our feast in tow we hired some blankets and snuggled down on our deckchairs to relive our childhood.The atmosphere and setting was so perfect I will definitely be heading back soon and with showings until the 4th of everything from Grease to Amy I can’t recommend enough that you swing by (and grab a burger while your there)!


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