Bill’s, Bill’s, Bill’s (but the good kind)

If you’ve watched any UK youtuber’s vlogs recently you’ll see there’s a link between them all, and that is they all seem to regularly visit a place called Bill’s. Until I’d watched a Zoella vlog I had never even heard of the restaurant, let alone that it was a chain with over 60 branches in England, Scotland and Wales. So on a recent trip to London with my sister I thought I’d take the opportunity to see what all the fuss was about (and take some pictures on the way).

DSC02178DSC02118 DSC02120 DSC02142

Pink lemonade is one of my absolute favourite drinks and Bill’s own is one of the best I’ve ever had, not to mention it came complete with fresh strawberries! My sister is a vegetarian so went for the halloumi burger, but when it came it looked so damn good that I had ultimate food envy which I never thought I’d have over a vegetarian dish!
DSC02147 But luckily my envy was short lived when my food arrived, I mean have you ever seen a salad look so good! The combination of avocado, bacon and spinach (with a little bit of cheese) was so amazing it was almost enough to make me a salad convert for good.DSC02151DSC02162DSC02167

One of my favourite aspects of the restaurant was the fact that they make a large majority of the products they use and give you a chance to purchase them afterwards. I had to purchase some more of the amazing pink lemonade, but I was spoilt for choice with the mix of jams, chutneys, chocolate and teas on offer. Plus the walls that weren’t bursting full of delicious goodies were full of these adorable recipes, like this one for toad in the hole.DSC02168 DSC02175DSC02166

After one visit it is no wonder to me that so many people have fallen in love with Bill’s and their own personal quirky brand that makes you feel like you’re visiting a home away from home. The food is amazing and the little extra touches like the recipes and the store truly make it one of my new favourite places to eat, and one that I fully recommend you visit if you haven’t already!DSC02158


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